Things appearing in various music compilations or things :

Kooky Nuts Pop Vol.3
Vagins & Dragons
FZ:side F
Rue des gardes #1
Darling Dada 0.1
Les tubes de l'été volume 2
Un Dread
Mon muscle préféré c'est ton COEUR
Musique Muscle #2
Musique Muscle #4

Other compilations don't seem to be on the internet anymore but that's a note for me to put them here if I can grab them somewhere :
acid december 2012
acid december 2013
acid december 2014
devsound chiptune compilations
la mangouste

I have made lame french covers under various names for this cool project.

I also compiled some music not made by me in a few places :
Nénufar plastifié
Compilation insignificatogène